Chike Deluna has been hospitalized in Nevada, robbed in Phuket, lost in Marrakech, and mildly inconvenienced in Mumbai, and yet the manuscripts survived, and the tales continued to grow in the telling.

Originally from the UK, he currently lives with his wife and daughter near a haunted village somewhere on the West Coast of India . He writes full-time in a quiet corner of the jungle where not even the howls of the Gray  Langurs can drown out his screams of frustration. He specializes in contemporary fantasy, and horror with lashings of tragic romance.

Hi there! I’m Chike Deluna and this is my website, my Ship of Visions, so to speak. If you like my stories, my books, my style, and the general direction you feel I’m headed in as a writer, then show the love, like and follow my Facebook fan page, follow my Reddit page, review my books, because gestures like those just make me want to excel.

I love you guys, if you promise to keep on reading then I promise to keep on writing.

Chike Deluna